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Goldenwind Golden Retrievers consist of Ellen, Alan & Melissa Meyer and exhibiting and breeding Golden Retrievers is our family's hobby.   It was important to us to find a hobby that would include our children.  We purchased our first Golden Retriever puppy in 1994 from a show breeder in Austin who was referred to us by Judy Word of Bravo Golden Retrievers who contacted us from the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metro Golden Retriever Club (DFWMGRC) when we called the Club's Public Education and Puppy Referral hotline.  This breeder was a personal friend of  Judy Word's.  Imagine our surprise that even though this referral came through the local Golden Retriever club that the sire of our puppy was under age and did not have a final OFA hip clearance nor was he able to obtain one later!!!  We were offered no education on health clearances back then and simply did not know enough to ask when we started looking for a Golden Retriever puppy.   When we did a preliminary hip x-ray on our puppy at about 10 months old, our vet advised us that it was apparent that she was mildly dysplastic.  Before we did Candi's hip prelim and had not yet known about the hip clearance issue with her sire, we were referred to David and Barbara Brown of Tempo Golden Retrievers to get a more competitive bitch puppy and were offered an invitation to join the DFWMGRC, Dallas-Ft. Worth Metro Golden Retriever Club and remained active members of that club for twelve years, 1995-2007.     We then assisted in founding the ArkLaTex Golden Retriever Club in 2007 and have been active members since it's inception in December 2007 and have both served as an ArkLaTex GRC Board Member, Alan was the club's President for 2012 - 2014.


Our 'kennel name', Goldenwind, came from Ellen's love and fascination, and respect of severe storms and weather, picture a Golden Retriever running in the wind.  Ellen has 'chased' with Tim Marshall, Carson Eads, Gene Rhoden, and other high profile Storm Chasers.  While Ellen was a member of the Texas Severe Storms Association (TESSA) in the 1990's, she held the position of Tessa's Public Education Coordinator and was invited to many of the Elementary and Middle Schools in the Plano School District giving lectures on Severe Storm Education and Safety.  When we had our first litter in 1997 and our puppy evaluation party, it was fitting that a severe storm blew through Plano complete with thunder, lightning, high winds and hail.  After the storm was over, the puppies went outside and started retrieving baby birds that had been blown out of their nest in one of our trees!  That was Keesha's first litter.


"Keesha", CH Tempo's Joy To The World, became our foundation for Goldenwind Golden Retrievers.  We attended our first Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) National Specialty Show in 1995 with Keesha where she won both the Puppy Bitch 6-9 Sweepstakes Class and then went on to also win the Puppy Bitch 6-9 Regular Class.   Keesha then went behind her dam, BISS CH Rockhill Robin's Upbeat Tempo SDHF OD (Robin) who then won the Brood Bitch Class.   In 1996 we took Keesha again to the GRCA National Specialty Show and she was awarded the honor of Reserve Winner's Bitch.  At the GRCA 2001 National Specialty Show,  Keesha was on the other end of the lead when our daughter Melissa Meyer, at the young age of 14, was awarded the GRCA National Specialty Best Junior Handler out of the Open Junior Class. 


In 1997, we had purchased our second show puppy from Beth Johnson of Summit Golden Retrievers in Wisconsin, "Bullet", CH Summit Goldenwind High Caliber, SHDF.  He finished his AKC Championship at the tender age of 19 months old by being awarded Winner's Dog, Best Of Winners at the Golden Retriever Specialty in Arizona and Bullet then became our first Golden Retriever to earn the prestigious title of SDHF (Show Dog Hall Of Fame).  Bullet was specifically purchased to contribute further to the quality of Golden Retrievers here at Goldenwind.  We have been very successful through the incorporation of Bullet into our breeding program. 


We bred our first litter in 1997 breeding "Keesha" to Beth Johnson's stud dog CH Summit's Crocodile Rock (Burbank) and from that litter we produced two Champions:


Am/Can CH Goldenwind Out Of This World RN (Leo) Leo's Pedigree


Am/Can CH Goldenwind World Series OD (Best In Specialty Show winner, GRCA Outstanding Dam; Shea) Shea's Pedigree


 Since then, through our stud dog and bitches we have gone on to title/produce AKC titled dogs in Conformation, Obedience, Field, Agilty and Rally and Golden Retriever Club Of America (GRCA) titles such as SDHF (Show Dog Hall Of Fame), OD (Outstanding Dam), and WC ('Working Certificate).  In addition to that, we also have produced dogs titled with TDI (Therapy Dog International) and CGC (Canine Good Citizen). 


Recently, a dog of our breeding was awarded the prestigious AKC Obedience title of Utility Dog Excellent (UDX), Goldenwind One Life To Live "Noah"  Noah's Pedigree


Through the years we have gone 'outside' our own breeding programs to bring in some of the finest pedigrees in Golden Retrievers: 


Again, we thank Beth Johnson of Summit Golden Retrievers of Wisconsin for her help and encouragement over the years and also thank her for recommending our acquisition of "Pebbles" as a 3 month old puppy, Gracious Glds Love On The Rocks.  "Pebbles" was bred by Sue and Steve Lusa from Washington on the West Coast. Click here for: Pebbles - Pedigree


We also thank Yvonne Sargent of Crescent Golden Retrievers for our boy "Gizmo" who goes back to Yvonne's foundation bitch CH Goldenwind Hailstorm whom we bred and sold to her in 1998. 


Our daughter Melissa has handled dogs professionally and we are so proud of her.  She has been awarded Major wins in the Golden show ring with her client dogs including Winner's Dog at the very competitive Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club Specialty.  Melissa also has 'finished' many of her own bred-by Brittanys over the years.  Please visit Melissa's page  Melissa



An article authored by Ellen in the 1990's:



What Is A Reputable Breeder:


A Reputable breeder is.... 

One who obtains health clearances on their bitch to include but not limited to OFA and Board

Certified Heart and Eye clearances...


One who knows that the temperament of their breeding stock is such that a Golden Retriever

should have: happy, outgoing & alert with the intelligence level that a good hunting dog should

have; and that's just the tip of the iceberg with regards to health...


One who starts out their breeding program not necessarily with the first bitch they bought/bred

but with one who SHOULD be bred... just because a dog/bitch has clearances does not mean

they should be part of a breeding program... and a breeder clearly needs to recognize that just

because it is their bitch doesn't mean they NEED to breed it... otherwise known as 'kennel blindness'...

one who possesses the clear vision to recognize the faults of their dogs... and to not breed ANY dog

who possesses a disqualifying fault according to the breed standard...

One who breeds solely for themselves and not for anyone else...


One who does the breeding to IMPROVE upon the breed and not take a step backwards merely to have

specific 'names' on their pups pedigrees as in breeding to the 'flavor of the month' so to speak...


One who is willing to take the time and effort to carefully select a stud dog who has the qualities that

would compliment the bitch to be bred, regardless of where they may be located in the country...


One who knows the risk that they may or may not get a litter after spending alot of money to complete

that breeding and accepts that risk but still goes ahead and does it because said pairing was done for

the betterment of the breed....


One who realizes that a successful show record does not guarantee that those particular dogs will in

essence 'throw themselves' in subsequent generations and one must not only look at the dogs themselves

to be bred but also to the generations behind them, also taking into consideration the health clearances

and longevity factors back there also.


One who interviews and cross checks references if they don't personally know perspective

show/performance/field puppy buyers with regards to selling any puppies on full registration...


One who explains and is willing to educate pet buyers on why they may only buy pups on limited

registration with spay/neuter contracts and have no problem turning down a buyer who they don't

have the 'warm & fuzzies' about with regards to fulfilling that obligation... 


One who regardless of the fact that a buyer has the money and is willing and able to purchase the puppy,

a reputable breeder WILL turn down that buyer even if it means holding on to a pup for an undetermined

amount of time in order to find it the "right" home... and then once a buyer is determined to be a good

home for one of their pups that the breeder is willing to spend the time to answer any and all questions

that the puppy buyer may have not only before the pup leaves but especially AFTER it leaves which is

sometimes when it needs us the most to help with the transition into a new home and with situations that

a new home will need assistance and advice with, as trivial as it may seem to us, it is not to them!  And again,

there is no time limit on this, as questions can come up for years from puppyhood through adulthood to their

geriatric years and a breeder should ALWAYS be willing to listen and help!


One who at ANY TIME during the lifetime of a puppy that they bred is willing to take it back if a buyer

is unable or unwilling to keep and/or care for that puppy... and who states in their contract that under

no circumstances may the ownership of that puppy change without the express written consent of the breeder

so that we know where our pups are at all times and to ensure a LONG HAPPY LIFE for them as we are

responsible for their wellbeing their entire lives...


One who knows that our first and foremost responsibility as their breeder is to ensure that the puppies

that they produce will have the quality of life and unconditional love that they deserve...




AM/CAN CH. GLDN GLOWS SUNNY SERENADE (AKC CH major pointed)  handled by Melissa Meyer - Goldenwind Golden Retrievers






Goldenwind  Goldens
Ellen & Alan Meyer




CH Summit Goldenwind High Caliber SDHF


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